Advantages of a PET Bottle Blowing Molding Machine

Update: 2022/11/11

A PET bottle blowing molding machine is a piece of equi […]

A PET bottle blowing molding machine is a piece of equipment used for producing high-quality PET plastic bottles in a variety of shapes and colors. These bottles are used for many different types of liquids, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The machine is characterized by a variety of features including high production capacity, speed, and high quality.

First, it uses a high-pressure blowing process to adhere molten material to the mold wall. The resulting bottle is then stretched laterally to improve lateral strength. This process requires a lot less energy than traditional two-step processes. Another great advantage of this machine is that it uses recycled PET bottles as raw material, eliminating the need for recrystallization or PET re-pelletizing.

The machine also features a servo motor, which is used to stretch the neck of the preform before it is blown. This increases the efficiency of the blowing process and ensures consistent bottle quality. In addition, the servo motor helps to orient the preform heating base quickly and steadily, ensuring a higher rate of bottle quality.

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