Factors affecting the production of bottles by the blow molding machine

Update: 2022/02/09

The preform and its heating, pre-blow (position, pressu […]

The preform and its heating, pre-blow (position, pressure and flow), stretch rod, high pressure blowing (pressure, position) and mold, etc. These are the factors in the process that affect the bottle blowing machine to make the bottle.
1. Preform
The preform, also known as the parison, is made of PET pellets by injection molding. It requires that the proportion of recycled materials should not exceed 10%, and the number of recycling should not exceed two times.
2. Heating
The heating of the preform is completed by the heating furnace, which is manually set and automatically adjusted. The height of the heating furnace is preferably about 25mm, and the distance from the conveying wheel is about 19.6mm.
The bottle blowing production process also has a certain relationship with the production environment temperature. The ambient temperature is generally at room temperature (about 22 °C). If the temperature is too high, the product is prone to condensation point agglomeration; if the temperature is too low, the product performance is unstable when the machine is started, and the specific operation should be adjusted according to the actual situation and experience.
3. Pre-blow
The function of pre-blowing in the blowing process is to make the preform take shape, and at the same time, it is stretched longitudinally by the stretching rod to increase its longitudinal strength. The whole process is that the pre-blowing cam pushes the three-way valve to the pre-blowing position during the blowing process, and is completed by the one-way valve. Pre-blow position, pressure and flow can all affect the quality of the bottle.
Position: If the pre-blowing position is advanced, the center point of the bottom of the bottle will be skewed and thinned, the wall thickness of the foot will be uneven and white, the top is heavy and the bottom is light, stiff neck, and even bottom penetration. Defects such as upper light and lower weight, thickening of the center point, and depression will appear.
Air flow The pre-blowing air flow is controlled by the one-way valve, and it is generally advisable to open 3-4 turns. The air flow is large, the bottom is heavy, the center point is thin and biased, the feet are white, and the wall thickness is uneven;

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