How a Blow Molding Machine Works

Update: 2022/11/24

During the blow molding machine process, raw materials […]

During the blow molding machine process, raw materials are molded into preforms. A preform is then heated to the required temperature and blown into a part. Depending on the product, a two-step process is used. Alternatively, a single-stage blow molding machine is used.Preforms are heated by an infrared high temperature lamp. In some cases, a screw is used to feed the plastic.

The plastic is superheated to its melting point. Then, the blow pin is inserted through the parison. The hot tubular plastic parison swells and adheres to the inner wall of the mold. After cooling, the molded part is ejected.The plastic is then fed into a hopper. Then, it is inflated with high pressure air. Then, it is placed into a second piece of process equipment. The mold then clamps over the plastic stream.

The parison is then pinched off at the top. The hanging vertical parison is then extruded down into the mold. The molded part is then opened, allowing it to be ejected.The process is repeated until the desired number of products are produced. Some machines can produce up to 20,000 pieces per hour. These machines are typically used in high production runs.A trial operation is a vital step before a blow molding machine is put into service. This will help to determine the correct position of the machine. Various failures can be identified and corrected in a short time.

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