Precautions for selection of blow molding machine production equipment

Update: 2022/04/01

No matter from the structural design or the bottle blow […]

No matter from the structural design or the bottle blowing machine process, the genes of the semi-automatic blow molding machine are inevitable, but for customers, choosing a stable automatic blow molding machine can be more conducive to the development of the enterprise, then the blow molding machine production equipment When choosing Which should be paid attention to?
1. Strictly check the quality problems and check the safety performance and technical performance of the product, which is the most important step in the purchase process.
2. Understand the after-sales service situation. For products with guaranteed quality, their after-sales service must be in place. When choosing, you can pay more attention to the after-sales service of the merchant.

3. When choosing a blow molding machine, you must carefully check the relevant technical documents, such as instructions for use, operation instructions, certificates of conformity, packing lists, software operation instructions, etc., and operate in accordance with the instructions.
4. Understand the stability of the equipment. The stability of the blowing machine is the core element of choosing a blowing machine. Whether the blowing machine is stable or not directly affects the rejection rate of the blowing machine. Generally, the rejection rate of domestic blowing machines is more than 3/1,000. The blow molding machine equipment can have a rejection rate of one thousandth.
5. The output of the blowing machine. At present, the output of the domestic linear blow molding machine is 2400 bottles/hour for one output, 4500 bottles/hour for one output and 4500 bottles/hour for one output, and 9000 bottles/hour for a six-output blow molding machine. The actual output of the bottle machine does not meet the reference standard, and it is recommended to consider carefully.

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