Some precautions for bottle blowing machine in manufacturing plastic bottles

Update: 2022/06/30

When people use all kinds of plastic products and equip […]

When people use all kinds of plastic products and equipment in life, especially plastic bottles, they not only have good performance characteristics, but also are easy to use. Compared with glass bottles, they are not only small in volume, light in weight, but also will not be damaged. Therefore, they are widely used by people and widely used in life or other fields.
Most of these plastic bottles are made by bottle blowing machines, which are mainly a kind of equipment to make plastic particles into hollow containers through the blow molding process. Therefore, they are not only simple to use, easy to operate, but also save more time. The following are the precautions before using the bottle blowing machine:
The bottle blowing machine equipment is mainly used for blowing plastic bottles. It can blow plastic particles or finished bottle blanks into bottles through technological means, which brings convenience for people to use plastic bottles of different shapes in their lives. The bottle blowing machine mainly uses the oil-free air bag mold locking technology to stop operation, which not only has a large mold locking force, but also has less force on the elbow joint and long service life. When people use the bottle blowing machine, how can the operation become simple and easy and prolong the service life of the bottle blowing machine?
1. When using the bottle blowing machine, people should carefully check whether the power supply, control system, heating system, etc. of the bottle blowing machine are normal, and add an appropriate amount of smooth oil to the parts that need smooth oil, so as to ensure the normal use and operation of the equipment.
2. When using the bottle blowing machine, install the mold on the bottle blowing machine, carefully check the position of the button, start it according to the requirements of the rules, stop debugging or operation, and ensure that the machine and equipment operate and work under normal conditions.

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