The process and precautions of the blow molding machine when making plastic bottles

Update: 2022/08/12

When people use various plastic products and equipment […]

When people use various plastic products and equipment in their lives, especially for the use of plastic bottles, they not only have good performance characteristics, but also are very convenient to use. Compared with glass bottles, they are not only lightweight, small in size, and light in weight. , and there will be no breakage and other phenomena. Therefore, it is widely used by people and is widely used in life or other fields. Most of these plastic bottles are made by blowing machines. It is a kind of equipment that makes plastic particles into hollow containers through blow molding process. Therefore, it is not only simple to use, easy to operate, but also saves more time. The process of making plastic bottles by blow molding machine:
1. First, the preform is irradiated by an infrared high temperature lamp, which can better make the preform of the preform, but the mouth of the preform does not need to be heated, so as to better maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, and a certain preform can also be used. Cooling device to cool down.
2. Once again, put the preheated preform into the blow mold that has been prepared, and then inflate it with high pressure, so that the preform can be blown and drawn into various shapes of bottles that people need to meet the needs of people. people's needs.​​

Matters needing attention before using the blow molding machine:
The bottle blowing machine is mainly used for blowing plastic bottles. It can blow plastic particles or preforms into bottles through certain technological means, so that people can use various shapes of plastic in their lives. The bottle brings convenience. The bottle blowing machine is mainly operated by the oil-free airbag clamping technology, which not only has a large clamping force, but also has less force in the operation of the toggle joint and a long life. When people use the blow molding machine, they should How to operate to make it easier and more convenient to use and prolong the service life of the blow molding machine.
1. When people use the blow molding machine, they should carefully check whether the power supply, control system, heating system, etc. of the blow molding machine are in normal state. normal use and operation of the equipment.
2. When using the blow molding machine, the mold should be accurately installed on the blow molding machine, and it should be carefully checked whether the button is already in the correct position, and it needs to be started, debugged or operated according to the specified requirements. Machines and equipment operate and work under normal conditions.

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