What is the difference between buying a fully automatic blow molding machine and a semi-automatic blow molding machine

Update: 2022/09/09

The semi-automatic bottle blowing machine needs to manu […]

The semi-automatic bottle blowing machine needs to manually de-flash by itself. The automatic plastic bottle-blowing machine realizes automation and directly produces the finished product, eliminating the need for manual de-flashing in the middle. Labor is saved. In the case of the same energy consumption, energy saving and high efficiency. The product is of good quality and the bottle mouth is flat. There will be no overflow after the cover is put on, which improves the qualification rate of the product. There will be no loss of orders due to substandard products and damage to the company's reputation.

Of course, if your company's product demand is small and you are just starting out in this industry, you can choose a semi-automatic blow molding machine. Our company will send professional debugging workers, from product ingredients to product molding and machine operation and maintenance, training is in place. Buying our equipment gives you no worries.

If your company's plastic barrels are in high demand, then use a fully automatic blow molding machine. This equipment has high production efficiency, saves labor, and will not have the problem of poor labor management. A master can watch multiple devices, which reduces the work intensity.

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