Advantages of a Semi Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Update: 2023/01/07

A semi automatic bottle blowing machine can produce bot […]

A semi automatic bottle blowing machine can produce bottles for different materials. This machine is popular for producing carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, and oil bottles. Its advantages are high efficiency, low investment, and easy operation.

Semi automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for small factories. It has the ability to blow PET plastic bottles and other containers.
The air circuit system can be operated in semi-automatic or auto mode. Its function includes blowing, preheating, and cooling. Its special design of pre-heater allows for fast heating and closing of the preform. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it can maintain a constant temperature in the oven.
In addition, the air exhaust system is designed to allow for deviation in the heating furance to a maximum of one degree. This ensures that the same heat exposure is achieved for all bottles.
The machine is equipped with an infrared preheater, which can preheat preforms to the proper temperature. As a result, the energy consumption can be cut down. It can also be adjusted for the length of the reflecting board and light tube.
The machine can be installed with a 3 in 1 water filling machine for quick and efficient bottle filling. Besides, it has a rational mechanical design and human-machine interface control for easy operation.
Besides, it can produce bottles with various shapes. Its capacity is up to 2L. Compared with a traditional linear blowing machine, it has a lot of advantages.

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