Basic introduction of PET Bottle Blowing Molding Machine

Update: 2023/01/16

A PET bottle blowing molding machine is a machine that […]

A PET bottle blowing molding machine is a machine that can produce high quality PET plastic bottles in various shapes and sizes. It is suitable for producing containers for beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products.

There are two kinds of PET preforms. The first one is the lightweight type, which can be stored until needed. The other one is the crystalline type, which can be used in mass production. In order to produce PET bottles, the raw PET plastic pellets must be heated to a suitable temperature. This is done with a heater. After heating, the resin is molded into the preform.

The next step is to stretch the PET plastic. Stretching produces a more tightly woven molecular structure. Therefore, the strength and the shape of the bottle are improved. Blow moulding and extrusion are the main methods for producing PET bottles.

Depending on the bottle product, there are different types of PET bottle. Some of them are distilled drink bottle, mineral water bottle, PET fruit juice drinks, pesticide bottle, etc.

Using PET preforms, PET bottle can be produced in high speed production line. The machine can be equipped with a self locking safety device, which can ensure safe operation. Another important feature is a touch screen for monitoring the running status.
The mechanical part of the full automatic PET blowing molding machine is compact and energy-saving. It also features a fault alarm system and a diagnostics system.

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