Inner coating technology of PET bottle blowing machine

Update: 2021/12/31

Because the separation layer of the PET bottle blowing […]

Because the separation layer of the PET bottle blowing machine is inside the bottle, it can avoid being damaged on the eve of storage, so that the product can reach a relatively long shelf life.
Tests have shown that this blow molding machine achieves very good results regardless of the quality of the product and the preservation of the taste. It is increasingly able to meet the customer's requirements for the product shelf life, so that the product shelf life can reach 4-12 months.
Through rapid improvement, the current technology can make the PET bottle blowing machine packaging system continue to coat the 0.2-2L bottle blowing machine with a productivity of 6000-180000 pieces/h. PET bottles are also environmentally friendly. During the recycling process, the thin layer of silicon oxide will be separated from the bottle blowing machine. Therefore, PET plastic can also be recycled into new bottle blowing machines or artificial fleece woolen fabrics. . In addition, PET bottles are lighter than glass bottles and should not be broken, which can reduce the pollution caused by product transportation.

The working principle of the whole system of the automatic bottle blowing machine is relatively simple, because it only needs to supply the stretch cylinder and pre-blowing part, and the installation structure is also very convenient. It is worth noting that the balance between the amount of gas recovered and the amount of gas consumed, so different capacities are produced. The relationship between supply and demand should be grasped when bottles.
Another kind of inner coating technology uses the amorphous carbon coating machine on the inner wall of the bottle blowing machine. This is a device that uses a carbon source gas to form plasma under microwave excitation to deposit an amorphous carbon film on the inner wall of the bottle. The structure is changed to a vacuum system to control the inner cavity of the bottle blowing machine to create a vacuum state. The microwave generated by a microwave generating system acts on the bottle blowing machine, so that the carbon source gas generated in the cavity of the bottle blowing machine forms a plasma resonance Cavity. The system is connected to the carbon source gas injection system to complete the injection of carbon source gas into the inner cavity of the bottle blowing machine. The bottle blowing machine processed by this coating machine can effectively control the loss of gas inside the bottle from the bottle wall, or the infiltration of gas outside the bottle from the bottle wall.

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