Take you to understand Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

Update: 2023/03/03

An automatic blow molding machine is a piece of equipme […]

An automatic blow molding machine is a piece of equipment that makes hollow-bodied plastic products. They can be used for things like milk jugs, shampoo bottles, and air intake tubing on vehicles.

Automatic Blow Molding machines produce products by combining the extrusion and blow molding processes. In an extrusion blow molding machine, a portion of the melted plastic is squeezed out of the plastic pellets, which then goes into the injection case to be clamped together.

The process is essentially the same for both processes, although there are some slight differences that affect how the finished product will be produced. With a blow molding machine, the melted plastic is blown out of the mold cavity by a strong, steady stream of air.

Blow molding has been used for many years to make hollow bodied workpieces, allowing companies to reduce production costs while increasing sales and profitability. However, the industry still has a lot to learn.

Currently, most blow molding machines are still two-step processes that require raw materials to be molded into preforms before they are blown. This can be a frustrating task for manufacturers who need to streamline their production.

One-step bottle blowing is a newer approach that integrates all the steps of preform production and stretch blow molding into one machine. This reduces the number of machines needed and saves energy, time and costs.

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