Take you to understand the Semi Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Update: 2022/09/30

A semi automatic bottle blowing machine is a type of au […]

A semi automatic bottle blowing machine is a type of automatic bottle blowing machine that is controlled by a computer. It is a simple machine that is easy to operate. It is also small, cost-effective and easy to maintain. This type of machine meets the requirements of polyester bottle and beverage producers. This type of machine has four parts: the closing structure, the moving mould plate, the cylinder and the air source.

The semi automatic bottle blowing machine is used to produce PET bottles and containers. Its two-step blowing process can produce PET bottles of different capacities and shapes. It is controlled by a computer and is made up of pneumatic, electrical and mechanical parts. The machine's main features include the ability to stretch PET preforms and maintain the shape of the mouth.

The machine has a variety of features, including double crank links that lock the mold. It also boasts an air circuit system that meets different air pressure requirements. This air circuit system provides a stable, high-pressure blowing force, which is necessary for the blowing of different-shaped big-capacity bottles. It is also equipped with a silencer and articulated refueling devices. In addition to being easy to operate and maintain, the machine is also low-cost and high-efficient.

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